Yesterday was a heads down get it done kind of a day. It was preparation day for installing my art at Green for the month of December. It is a wonderful thing that many local businesses around Portland offer to artists, they will display artwork on their business walls for a month at a time. A great way for newbies like me to get our art out in front of more people.

I love all of the details that go into planning an event or in this case an installation. Thinking through what I will need and figuring out what to pack up and take along to get these originals off my walls and out in the world. The studio is a bit of a mess but all of the artwork got tagged, signed, prepped with mounting hardware, and packed up tight.

Here is a look at some of the steps it took to get there…

JMW Prep1

Hangers on the back, hooks for the walls.

JMW Prep2

I took some extra time to measure and plot out how they are going to be hung to make the process go as smoothly as possible. I realized that creating small pieces in series makes for a bit more work on the hanging side. At several points throughout the day I thought, maybe I should work big and then I would only have 5 or 6 pieces to hang instead of 31! Oh who am I kidding, I love the challenge.

JMW Prep5

These nine pieces all make up one piece of art. This one has been a labor of love, you will have to wait until it is installed to see the front! So much texture on these, I can’t wait to see them hung up and on display.

JMW Prep4

The description cards are ready to be packed up so that I can see my planner again.

JMW Prep3

All wrapped up and tucked in place ready to go. Let the next adventure begin!

While you are reading this I will be working to get all 31 pieces up and ready for the customers and visitors to Green to enjoy through the holiday season.

If you would like to see my work in person, stop by the salon at:
935 NE Couch Street
Portland, Oregon