I was a wee bit nervous Tuesday morning when I woke up and got ready for my first art installation. I had spent the day before working through all of the details, but as I mentioned in this post, the hanging of some of the pieces was a ton of measuring, planning, and fingers crossing that it would all come together on the walls. One piece in particular was made up of 9 different 8×8 panels and was going to be the first art piece to be seen at the salon.

Thankfully, I had my favorite master artwork hanging operator with me, my husband. He rocks at hanging artwork and can come up with solutions and work arounds in the moment if need be.


I am very happy to say that all of the planning was worth it, we were able to get all 31 pieces hung in about an hour.


This piece called Textura has been a labor of love for weeks. When I met with Patti, the owner of Green, she had indicated that she would like to have a big piece behind the reception desk. Given my small studio space I am not able to work with big wood panels (that will come in the future) so I decided to take 9 smaller pieces and create one big statement piece. It is layers of plaster, acrylic, ink and pencil and I am so happy with how it turned out and how it looks on the wall of the salon.


As we packed up our tools and I placed my business cards on the front desk it hit me all at once. Years of struggle, months of work, and days of planning had all just come together to say, “You got this”. I have been blessed with many amazing moments in my life, but this moment was unlike anything I have experienced before. I felt so proud of myself. I had a dream and I made it happen. With the help of dear friends and the support of my family, Jackie M Wood became an artist. So flippin’ cool!

You can see my work in person at the salon:
935 NE Couch Street
Portland, Oregon