I love celebrating my birthday, I look forward to it every year. For me, my birthday represents a time to be thankful for all I have in my life, especially the people. When I celebrate my birthday I am actually celebrating my friendships, my connections.

This year I invited three of my dear friends to join me at the beach in Neskowin Oregon. I found a fantastic house right on the beach with beautiful views of the ocean inside and out.


My birthday celebration has a theme that never changes, pink and orange forever! This color combination makes me happy, brings a smile to my face and screams “let’s have some fun!”.

One of my favorite preparations for the party is the goodie bags that I give to my friends. They are of course pink and orange in theme and are a great joy for me to bring together. This year the girls got homemade pink grapefruit and orange sugar scrubs, an original art piece by little ol’ me, some color coordinated stationary and chocolate all delivered in a cute basket. The wheels are already turning for next year’s goodies!


These stairs down to the beach were a perfect picture opportunity that our group of photo girls couldn’t pass up. Grace is in the middle and Liz on the right, you will see Reenie a bit later in this post.


That crazy joy on my face, that is how I felt all weekend. It was a huge blessing to have time with my girls to talk, laugh (my sides are still a bit sore), and deepen our connections. The middle photo is taken by Reenie from our deck of the other three of us playing on the beach. This last photo shares me connecting with a friend via Skype, not all of my peeps can be with me over this weekend so thank goodness for technology.


I paired these two pictures together because sitting with my girls (there’s Reenie) with that beautiful backdrop, IS my happy place. I wrote this saying on the window at the beginning of our time at the beach and it got quite comical how many photos we took of it. Every time the light would change we would be like “oh, oh, oh someone get a pic”, we probably have over 30 photos of that one saying. I love it, because simply put it says everything about the weekend.


No words are needed for these pictures above and below except to say, I LOVE THIS PLACE!



I can’t stop smiling when I see these pictures. So much love, beauty, and friendship in each of the photos. I am damn lucky to have each of these women in my life, I am a better person because of it!

42 is going to be a great year. How can it not, I am now the answer to life, universe and everything (geek reference)! Aside from that, this year is going to be full of 42 things/adventures I have never done before. Big or small I am going to challenge myself to try new things and approach life with an open heart ready for adventure, my word for the year is EXPLORE after all!

Photo credits to all of the women in attendance, thanks for capturing the magic!