A couple of weeks ago I turned 42. For me this birthday was more significant than 40. Maybe because we are a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy family and 42 is the answer to life, universe and everything. Or maybe it has more to do with the fact that I got past the anniversary of my memory loss last year and this birthday/year is a fresh start.

Whatever the reason I have big plans for 42 and one of those is to try 42 new to me things. These things can be big or small, I just want to challenge myself to get out there and explore, have adventures.

I haven’t figured out every adventure yet, but here is the list as it stands today…

  1. Knit something other than a rectangle (I have knitted for years but have only made scarves or rectangles to felt for journal covers) 
  2. Try a new restaurant
  3. Go to a restaurant I have been saying I want to try
  4. Explore a city/town/place I have never been
  5. Move to the east side of Portland (fingers crossed it will happen this year)
  6. Participate in an art show
  7. Read 52 books this year
  8. Go to the movies alone
  9. Take a class to learn a new skill (this may have to be for knitting if #1 proves to be a challenge)
  10. Attend a show at a theater I have never been to
  11. Try a new coffee shop
  12. Open my studio for people to come see what I do
  13. Find and support a new local business
  14. Attend a Midday Art Break at the Portland Art Museum
  15. Take a vacation by myself
  16. Paint with oils
  17. Build a piece of furniture (no, IKEA does not count here)
  18. Paint outside (crazy that I haven’t done this, but I use so many supplies it is hard to pack it all up)
  19. Setup an Etsy shop
  20. Spend a whole weekend exploring the city on a whim, no plans/reservations
  21. Photograph the sunrise from the opposite side of town
  22. Hike the entire Wildwood trail in Forest Park
  23. Create something I have never made before
  24. Drive a road I have never driven
  25. Walk a path I have never walked
  26. Move my daughter into her dorm room
  27. Leave my iPhone off for an entire day
  28. Leave my iPhone off for an entire week (this will depend on the success of #27)
  29. Celebrate National Beer Day
  30. Participate in Portland Dining Month
  31. Listen to music at a new to me venue
  32. Visit all of the neighborhood farmer’s markets
  33. Cook a new recipe
  34. Try a new wine
  35. Try a food I have never had
  36. Shop at a new market
  37. Make a new friend
  38. See an old friend that I haven’t seen in 20 years (Marisol, let’s get planning!)

Any suggestions for the last few things?

I have completed a couple of items on my list already and have a couple more in process. The goal here though is not to do these things just to check them off a list, it is to remind me to explore and seek adventure this year. If on the eve of turning 43 I look back over my list and realize I didn’t accomplish every item, I will be just fine. I simply want my list to inspire some amazing living this 42nd year!