JMW Gallery view

Over the past few months little changes have been happening on the website. The goal; to make viewing, getting information and purchasing my art a simpler process.

Work that can be purchased is now listed in the Available Work portfolio. When you bring up the page you get a glimpse of the art, if you roll over a piece and click on the magnifying glass you will get to see a complete view of each piece. A visual playground!

Also, each piece now has a “Make it Yours” link. For my Etsy exclusive pieces, this will take you to the shop where you can see even more images of the art and make it yours. For all other pieces, it will take you to my contact page where you can drop me line to ask for more information about the piece that caught your eye.

You can also view my sold pieces in the Past Work portfolio. While browsing through the work of yesteryear, reach out if you would like to talk about a commission piece inspired by a past series.

Enjoy the new look.