JMW White a color studyIn this post, I shared about the color study project for 2018. A year long study in color. Each month a new color will be explored. For January, we will be creating with WHITE.

White represents new beginnings. It is pure and pristine. It is clarity and simplicity. It has an air of innocence and delicacy. It can give the feeling of being lightweight and airy. Yet, it can be seen as sterile or cold. It is the complete presence of light.

As I work with white in January, I will embrace the openness and creativity this color evokes. I will focus on creating pieces that bring peace and tranquility, comfort and hope. I will play with the pureness of white then change it up with hints of color. I will invite it’s clean energy into the studio.

I will be sharing my journey with white on my Instagram feed and story, this blog, my Facebook page, and a Pinterest board for inspiration. Follow along and join in the study.