This color study was a unique one for the year. It was one where there could be contrast between colors and ironically that made it a bit of a challenge in the beginning. I have been working for months in a monochromatic world, then neutrals came along and the world opened up. Yet neutrals were an interesting study, typically these colors are used to round out a piece and tie together the main colors of the work. In these pieces they were front and center, the main show, which made me wonder are they really even neutrals anymore? Whew, I know too philosophical.

I used a variety of cream, grays, and tans to create the five pieces of the study. These first two pieces are the “littles” of the group at 8×10. They are also the lightest with a focus on cream and light gray.

Color Study in Neutral No.2   Color Study in Neutral No.3

These next two pieces show the darker side of neutral. They are quite a contrast from each other and were the two pieces that I worked on side by side throughout the study. It was an interesting discovery to see how different these neutral tones could be. The piece on the left is an 18×24, the one on right is a 24×30.

Color Study in Neutral No.1    Color Study in Neutral No.4

The last piece of the study is my favorite. The 12×36 size is a new one for me and I had great fun creating on the long vertical surface. I let the paint run down to pull your eye the full length of the piece.  While the size allowed for some new life into this study, it is the texture of the painting that got my favorite vote. It is a dive right in and cuddle up kind of piece. Wait, is that just me who would love to jump inside a painting?

Color Study in Neutral No.5

I did not expect neutrals to be as difficult to create with as I discovered throughout the study, but I learned quite a bit from my time with these colors. While I likely won’t create with neutrals alone again, I was inspired by them for use in future color ways.