JMWYellowColorStudyIn this post, I shared about the color study project for 2018. A year long study in color. Each month a new color will be explored. For December, we will be creating with YELLOW.

Yellow is warm and comforting. It is the color associated with the sun and is connected to heat, vitality, energy and light. It is an extroverted hue, the color of friendship. Yellow is the color of joy, hope and optimism. It brings clarity, originality, and the path to an open mind. Yellow is an important hue in human development and will attract the attention of children. Yellow captures our attention and is often used to indicate caution or warnings. Yellow light waves stimulate the brain and enhance decision making. It can be cheerful, pleasing and hospitable. Yellow is often the color associated with happiness.

I have been looking forward to this color all year. When I was young, this was my favorite color and my childhood bedroom was decorated in yellow. I typically shy away from light pastel shades of any color, but yellow is an exception. I love lemon yellow, that soft color often used in baby nurseries. My favorite yellow though is Naples Yellow Hue (NYH). I use this color often in my work, but always in combination with a high contrasting hue. It will be an interesting challenge to use NYH as a stand alone shade in a monochromatic piece. Once again I will be mixing a few custom colors to experiment with throughout the study. I am ready to start the final color in this twelve month adventure.

I will be sharing the journey with yellow on my Instagram feed and story, this blog, my Facebook page, and a Pinterest board for inspiration. Follow along and join in the study.