This is the color study that would not end. I was really excited to start red at the beginning of November. It is one of my favorite colors to use in a painting and I was looking forward to the challenge of creating with it monochromatically. The first four pieces came together quickly and gave me an opportunity to really see what this hue could do. The fifth piece however (it always seems to be the last piece, no matter the size, just the last one I finish gives me fits), pushed my patience and had me dreading the walk upstairs to the studio.

I had those first four pieces done by the middle of November, there was no reason that the study shouldn’t have been done and released to all of you before Thanksgiving. Yet, here we are at the middle of December (almost) and I am finally able to say goodbye to red. While I am a bit in love with how the last piece turned out, it does leave me with a bad taste in my mouth. Have to say that I felt better at the end of purple, go figure!

These first two pieces are the littles of the series. They are dramatically different from each other and for the first time in this study the littles may win as my favorites.

Color Study in Red No.1    Color Study in Red No.2

I throughly enjoyed creating the next two pieces. They are the medium size pieces of the study and gave me plenty of room to explore the range of red. The first piece, a 12×16 panel, is a texture delight. This one may have close to twenty layers building up the final look and was great fun to experiment with and learn from. The second, an 18×24 panel, has the least layers of the bunch, but each one of them counts. I love the “furry” look of the circles and the contrast between bright red and a dark red.

Color Study in Red No.3    Color Study in Red No.4

This final piece (a 24×36 panel), whew, what to say….it took forever to get here but I really am glad that I stuck with it and never gave up on this stinker. It is a different take on red and on my process. This one piece has the dynamic range of the color all in one place. Bright reds to orange reds to deep moody reds all play into the layers of this piece. Plus, the small circles are new for me. The journey with this one was rough and I am VERY glad that it is over. When I look at the final piece I can see the challenge and growth that came out of creating it and for that I am thankful.

Color Study in Red No.5

Goodbye red, I would like to say it has been fun, but….it hasn’t. Lessons learned, great outcome, stronger skills so it was worth every challenging step with you.