With the red color study spilling over into December and the holidays taking up the majority of the month, my time with yellow was cut down to just a few short days. But of all the colors, I had the most fun with this one. I think for the first time in the study, it wasn’t about the end result. I really enjoyed each layer and let’s face it yellow is a fantastic color to work with when the world around you is grey winter.

The first two pieces are the littles of the group at 8×10. I have done this size for every study as a warm up, a place to experiment and get to the know the color of the month. Throughout this study I have realized that I really enjoy working small. Each square inch matters and I feel more connected to the story of the piece.

Color Study in Yellow No.1    Color Study in Yellow No.2

These next two pieces are in stark contrast from one another. The one on the right (24X36 panel) shows the softer side of yellow, while the one on the left (16×20 panel) is the vibrant yellow gold that grabs your attention and says, “look at me”. I worked on these side by side and it was fun to jump back and forth between such different emotions with this beautiful hue. Which side of yellow do you prefer?

Color Study in Yellow No.3     Color Study in Yellow No.4

This last piece gave me some fits as only the last piece can. I am in love with the size, 12×36, but for some reason this piece was stubborn. Maybe because I had high expectations with it being my favorite size and using Naples Yellow Hue, which I adore. We powered through, had a few rough words, and finally came to completion.

Color Study in Yellow No.5

I had a blast creating with yellow. It is such a vibrant dynamic color and was my favorite as a child. Maybe that is why it was a carefree fun time in the studio, it brought back feelings of childhood. Hmmmm.

I am glad that this was the hue to close out my year long study. I am seeing each of the colors in a new light with renewed energy to create using them moving forward.