JMW Color-Study Compilation

When I pulled the tape from the last piece of the study I felt a huge sense of accomplishment and pride. For twelve months I had been immersed in color, each month focused on a new hue and creating monochromatically for a year.

At the end of 2017, when I came up with the idea of a year long study in color I had no idea how hard of a task I had set before myself. The plan to spend an entire month learning about and creating with one color was an interesting challenge. It changed how I created and and how I approached the blank panel in front of me. It was a first for me to paint monochromatically and in the beginning I struggled with how to make dynamic story rich pieces without using color combinations to pull the viewer in.

At the end of every study I was delighted that not only did the monochromatic work, it proved to be a powerful way to communicate the story and passion behind each piece.

The sixty pieces make a strong statement. The five in their color family show how diverse each color represented can be, but collectively together when you stand surrounded by these bold pieces their color story comes to life.

It is that power, that emotion that I am the most excited to share with all of you when the Color Story Show comes together. With the painting complete, the hard work now begins to find a gallery that will host the show. Since I am still a relative new comer in the art world I have not aligned with a gallery to date. In the early part of 2019 I will be working on a look book to share each piece and the message behind the study with local galleries in the effort to find a home for the show and bring all of this color to you. Follow along on my Instagram stories or Facebook stories to see the look book come together and fingers crossed the announcement of a show coming later this year or early 2020.

Thank you for spending the past year with me in an incredible journey of color. You can see all sixty pieces of the study in my online gallery here.