Hello and welcome to 2019. Yes, we are a week into the new year, but I took two weeks off from work and this is my first day back in the studio for 2019. During my down time I revamped my studio space (feels like version 652, but who’s counting) and I spent time dreaming, planning, preparing a new year for JMW Studios.

I have some exciting new projects coming from the studio throughout the year. The first I want to share, is my new year long study. Last year we spent 12 months with color. Creating and discovering each color individually. For 2019 I want to continue to play with color, but now it is time to mix-it-up! We are going to be discovering color in combination with one another or as I am going to call it, a play with colorway.

Each month I will pick a new color scheme, theme, combination that I will call my colorway. Then I will create one piece (keeping the project smaller this year), an 11×14 – 2 inch deep cradled panel. At the end of each month the piece will be available for you to fall in love with and purchase for your very own.

Pictured above is our first colorway of the year. I am a design girl and love to follow design style/trends, so I had to have Pantone’s color of the year in my first colorway.

Once again I will be sharing the process throughout the month on Instagram and Facebook. Follow along to see the painting come to life and inspiration galore for a colorway that you can’t live without.