First 50 days – The 100 Day Project

50 days ago when I began making a piece of alcohol ink art everyday I had no idea how it would change my creative practice and link me up with other creatives around the world. I have had the opportunity to get to know many other artists on this same adventure, many of whom have done it before and offered a wealth of advice on how to keep going and get to the finish line of 100 days.

What great insights do I have halfway through the project?

First, alcohol ink is crazy fun! That is likely my biggest takeaway from this project so far. They are unpredictable and you can not control them like you can acrylic. Plus with acrylic, if you don’t like what is happening you can keep adding layers. Alcohol inks are a bit more like watercolor, adding layers will only result in mud, so you have to let things go and let the medium do it’s thing. My favorite part….the manipulation of the ink using blending fluid and isopropyl alcohol. I love that you can get the ink to move and change shades as you blend with what I like to call “the manipulators” over the surface.

I have shared every piece on my Instagram feed along the way, but these pieces below are some of my favorites so far….

JMWCools100day   JMWWarms100day

This is a look at the cool and warm side of the project. As you likely are aware, I love warm colors. Orange, red-orange, yellow-red are my jam. Oh how I love a vibrant warm color painting. Here is the surprising thing that has happened with the alcohol ink work…..I LOVE cool colors in ink!! The blues and yes even the purples are speaking to me and saying “hey Jackie, look how cool we are”. Hahahaha, I couldn’t resist. But dang, those cool tones are quickly winning my heart and are definitely winning as my favorites from the series. Who knew I just had to switch mediums to fall in love with purple!!!

JMWFirst50100day    JMWframed100day

A glimpse at the collection of 50 today. Really looking forward to seeing all 100 together for the first time!! One comment that I have received throughout this project is that each of my pieces seem to have a unique style, that I am not painting them all in the same way. Yep, I am experimenting. I am trying different ways of laying down the ink and moving it along the surface with the manipulators.

This part of the creative process is not new for me, with my acrylic work I prefer to work in series and each series has a different process/feel to the work. I like to mix things up and one of my favorite parts of creating art full time is the chance to experiment with a medium and see what it can do. Though, this daily project has changed my creative process in another way by getting me to paint something in under 10 minutes and then letting it go, no reworking it later.  If I want to approach it differently or change things up, that has to happen the next day on a new piece. This has been the most transformative part of the process for me. As I have embraced this new way to work I have seen my acrylic work evolve. I can now step away and let the art story speak for itself, less overworking each layer.

A few weeks ago I found these black frames that are the perfect size and style to showcase pieces that I love. I keep them next to me on my desk (they are sitting to my right saying “hey awesome people reading the blog”) as a reminder that trying something new is ALWAYS a good idea. Which is my second insight from the project….be open to doing something new, who knows where it will lead you.

I will be back here when the full 100 are complete, but if you can’t wait 50 more days, hop on over to the Instagram feed and join in the daily fun!

Jackie Wood

Jackie is a contempory artist with a background in graphic design. She loves good design, texture and the color orange. She is a creative at heart and looks for the joy and celebration in everyday life.