Let’s Listen

I am a bit of a podcast junkie. I enjoy listening in the studio, while I prep meals, and most of all while I am driving. I spend most of my work days alone and there is something comforting about having another voice in the room. The feeling of being part of a conversation. In fact, I often participate and share my point of view with the gnomes. (But that is a whole other blog post, crazy lady talks to herself all day….send help!) 

This week as I was getting my podcast fix, I thought it would be fun to share with you the ones that I listen to and what they bring to the table for me.

Art & Cocktails hosted by Ekaterina Popova
I mean come on, the title says it all. YES and YES!
Kat does a great job interviewing artists about their life/work and making you feel like you are sitting down with them sharing a drink. How fun is that?? I have discovered so many new to me artists through this podcast as well as picking up tips for running and sustaining JMW Studios. I look forward to my time spent with Kat and her creative world.

Raise Your Hand. Say Yes. hosted by Tiffany Han
Oh, this one gets you motivated. Tiffany and her guests have great conversations about running creative businesses, living a full rich life and pursing dreams. If I have a rough work day where the world has knocked me down one too many times for me to brush it off I listen to Tiffany. This podcast will make you remember that you are not alone and that you can make big things happen.

The Accidental Creative hosted by Todd Henry
I have spent years with Todd. I have never met him, but his insights and techniques have shaped JMW Studios and my processes more than anything else. He is great at breaking down what appears to be insurmountable tasks and providing tools to allow you to sustain and refuel your creative mind. Frequently he will interview people from a variety of industries, but occasionally it will be just him sharing a concept or offering guidance, these are some of my favorite episodes.

The Uncurated Life Podcast hosted by Cindy Guentert-Baldo
I can not remember how I stumbled upon this podcast. Cindy is a YouTuber in the planner industry. What? Exactly. Neither are communities that I know much about, yet this podcast speaks to me. First, I LOVE the title. YES please and thank you. Cindy is so freaking real, she lays it out there as it is and does not hold back. Most of the episodes are interviews with other people in the planner community, but that detail does not define this podcast. It is about real conversation, real life and not the curated images we see online.

This American Life hosted by Ira Glass
I don’t think words are necessary to say why this is on my list. I love that it is in a podcast so that I don’t have to worry about missing the best storyteller as I did when listening to the radio show for years.

Those are my big five. The five that I listen to every week and have gone back and listened to every episode still available.

It may not seem like a junkie kind of list, just wait, I have more. Below is a list of shows that I am subscribed to, but may not listen to every single episode. Do you have some of those?

My list changes with time. I add to and take away podcasts quarterly. If I haven’t listened to a show for three months, it no longer makes sense to keep subscribing and seeing it in my feed. I love my quarterly scrubs, it gives me the opportunity to see what new shows are available as I let others slide off the list.

Do you rotate your subscription list? Do you have some tried and trues that you listen to regularly?

On my Instagram stories this week, I asked you to share your favorite podcasts with me. Here is the list of shows that I heard about this week. Note: many of the ones sent to me overlapped with my list (how cool is that) so they are not appearing on this list. 

Thank you so much for sharing your favorites with all of us. Dang, I may have to add a few more to my list now. If you have more to add, share them in the comments down below. Happy listening everyone!!!



Jackie Wood

Jackie is a contempory artist with a background in graphic design. She loves good design, texture and the color orange. She is a creative at heart and looks for the joy and celebration in everyday life.