The 100 Day Project


From April 2nd to July 10th, 2019 I will be participating in the 100 Day Project. The global event is about creating something everyday, sharing it with the world, and celebrating with all of the other creative souls that are participating along side you.

I have known about this project for years and have followed along with many artists as they share their daily creations, but I have never joined in the fun. To be honest it seemed daunting, an overwhelming project to pursue. Then two months ago I spent an afternoon creating with friends and found a combination of medium/substrate that I wanted to pursue. What better way to really get to know the combo than with 100 different pieces of art.

What was the combo?

Alcohol Ink and Claybord. Simple, yet I have never combined these two together before. Below is the piece I created a couple months ago when I first put ink on the surface. Alcohol ink dries fast so in order to get some movement you need to work with a surface that is not very porous, the claybord works great for this. The other thing that I love about claybord is that you can use a sharp tool to carve into the clay surface that sits on top of the hardboard. I am looking forward to playing around with mark marking after the ink dries.

I will be working on 5×5 claybords and will keep the color palette limited to make this a quick daily project. For me that will be the key to success. I am going to focus on the positive, so if I miss a day (which I am going to work really hard to avoid) I am not going to beat myself up or completely stop creating. This is after all a fun challenge, not a guilt trip!

I will be posting my project daily on Instagram as well as sharing a few collective posts here on the blog. Be sure to follow along.

Are you participating? If so, what will you be creating for 100 days?


Jackie Wood

Jackie is a contempory artist with a background in graphic design. She loves good design, texture and the color orange. She is a creative at heart and looks for the joy and celebration in everyday life.