Travel Series

Later this year I will be taking the studio on the road. I will be traveling over seven thousand miles in the car and have decided to take a portable studio with me to create a 30 piece series inspired by the sights outside my window.

To prepare for this series I decided it would be a good idea to do some proof of concept pieces for me to narrow down the list of supplies I would need to complete each piece. After all, I will only have one small bag for storage and a tiny work surface to take with me.

These “practice” pieces were inspired by a trip I took last fall to Eastern Washington. While still very much abstract, these pieces have a representational feel as they are inspired by the landscape and the view out the window. I am excited to explore a new subject and to take my paintings on a new path of abstraction.

JMWTravelNo.2 JMWTravelNo.3


The best part of exploring and discovering with these first three pieces was I discovered a new to me paint. Tommy Art Mineral Paints by DIY Paint have become my new favorite studio supply. They are amazing. When applied with a palette knife (which is how I apply all of my paint) they dry with the look and feel of plaster!!!! So much texture and amazing goodness that they make me giddy every time I use them.

As I experimented with the mineral paint I looked around the studio for a complimentary supply that would really show off the texture the paint produced. My find…..Pan Pastels. The combination of these two mediums creates a a piece that has depth and texture that typically takes layers of acrylic paint to achieve. I am so excited!!! I really can’t imagine painting with anything else, this combination is exactly what I have been looking for for years.

JMWTravelNo.4 JMWTravelNo.6 JMWTravelNo.5

Now that I have the details figured out, I am ready to pack up my supplies and hit the road. In addition to painting a piece everyday of the trip I will be photographing and recording the trip and sharing a video daily on my Youtube channel, with highlights appearing here on the blog. I will share more details as we get closer to the trip, for now subscribe to the blog and Youtube to not miss out on the this exciting adventure.


Jackie Wood

Jackie is a contempory artist with a background in graphic design. She loves good design, texture and the color orange. She is a creative at heart and looks for the joy and celebration in everyday life.